Infant Program - 6 weeks to 18 months

Our infant program is a home away from home. It is filled with warmth, tenderness, patience, and a staff that realizes the importance of what they do each day. Along with caring for your baby, our staff also cares for you. We understand how difficult it is for you to leave your child in someone else's care, especially at this age. We will support you emotionally with open lines of communication. We welcome your calls to check up on your child and we send home a detailed account of your child's activity at the end of each day. Children here will be nurtured on every level. Our staff works with and encourages your child to achieve age appropriate skills...from rolling over to walking to language development, all the while providing the affection that will make your child feel loved and secure.

Toddler Program

Cupcakes - Ages 18 months to 2 years

Munchkins - Ages 2 to 3 years

This is an excellent introduction to formal learning for your young child. These tender aged children have specific needs. Separation and social anxiety can hinder the learning process. Our program is designed to address the emotional, physical, and social needs of the age group while providing academic basics to build on.

Undergraduates - 3 years

Our program for our three year olds is one designed to provide a firm foundation for our four year old Pre-K program to build on. Our literacy program focuses on letter recognition and our math program encourages number recognition and an introduction to counting. All of the concepts are taught through songs, finger-play, literature, projects, and movement. There is a focus placed on social skills and overcoming separation anxiety. Our 3 year olds have science units each month which are further developed in the Pre-K program. Children learn about seasons, modes of transportation, and the five senses to name a few topics.

Graduates (Pre-Kindergarten) - 4 years

Our program for our Grads offers a full Pre-K curriculum. The literacy program includes letter sounds and sight word recognition through language experience and poetry books. Math concepts include counting with one to one correspondence, addition, subtraction, and telling time. Science units include the solar system, dinosaurs, human body systems, oceanography, and ecology/conservation. Our Grads are taught indepedent organizational skills to get them ready for kindergarten. 

Global Studies (Enriched Pre-Kindergarten) - 4 years

This is an amazing program for a select few of our 4 year olds who generally have been in our three year old program. Students must be recommended for this program by their undergraduate teacher. It is designed for children who are on target in all academic areas, including emotional and social skills. If your child is a newly entering 4 year old, an evaluation can be done by a director to determine if the Global Studies program would be a good fit for your child.

The Global Studies program builds on our Pre-K program with some challenging twists. Each month our Global students learn about a different area of the globe, it's weather, foods, animals, customs, music, and historical sites. In addition, our wonderful Global Studies teacher incorporates author and artist studies throughout the year. Enrollment in this program is limited.